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14 years On-line Monthly Print Edition
Radio Rio from Amigos Bravos
Hosted by Rachel Conn, Brian Shields, Michael Jensen, & others.
Produced by Mike Tilley & Robin Collier for Cultural Energy.
Also included here are some related environmental shows by our other producers.
28 minute shows unless noted. CDs of any combined shows can be special ordered.
All segments and photos are copyright 2003-2017 by Cultural Energy and/or the creators.
They may not be reproduced in any form except one copy to listen to on your own computer or mp3 player.

Radio Rio™ airs on KLDK 96.5 Dixon's in Cultural Energy time 11:30 am Mon-Thurs.

You can also listen to more than 3,200 other Cultural Energy Radio Segments on Youth, Arts & Activism

Cultural Energy is 14 Years Old

Below are Radio Riosegments now online.

Download RealPlayer, Windows Media Player or QuickTime, if not installed. Segments are posting in 32 bps compressed mp3 files (24 bps prior to Sep 14, 05) to allow dialup modem access. With slower connections, set your buffer to 30 or more seconds. Problems? eMail energy@culturalenergy.org All segments are copyright 2003-2017 by Cultural Energy and may be downloaded only for listening on your own computer or mp3 player.

2013-2017 Radio Rio™ Shows & other environmental specials
Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez
In Santa Fe for Amigos Bravos
Jan 15 2013
Introduced by Sawnie Morris
Amigos Bravos Intros 7:15
Sylvia Rodriquez 46:29
The NMAA trailer is here
NMAA Mayordomo Project
Q & A 18:12
Recorded by Robin Collier
Edited by Spence Stall
Dr. Rodriguez spoke about her work with NMSU on an interdisciplinary study of acequias and her work with the New Mexico Acequia Assocation on training new Mayordomos.

The talk gives a taste of the major international conference "Acequias and the Future of Resilience in Global Perspective" March 2-3 in Las Cruces

Amigos Bravos- Valle Vidal 3:41 Proposal for the Carson National Forest plan with Rachel Conn and Jim O'Donnell of Amigos Bravos.

Amigos Bravos Part 1 31:40
1st part of an interview with Rachel Conn and Joseph Supan of
Amigos Bravos.

Amigos Bravos Part 2 31:25
2nd partof an interview with Rachel Conn and Joseph Supan
of Amigos Bravos.

2010 Radio Rio™ Shows & other environmental specials
Hosts Rachel Conn, Brian Shields, Michael Jensen & Shawn Larkin
(unless otherwise indicated)
Moly Mine
EPA Cleanup

Reports on the EPA plans for a major clean-up of the Moly mine in Questa. Rachel Conn hosts, with Brian Shields and Patrick Nicholson. Feb 10

Dairy Regulation
Michael Jensen hosts a discussion on the upcoming hearings on new regulations for dairy permits in New Mexico. Mar 10

NM Protected Waters
Amigos Bravos & the New Mexico Environment Staff on New Mexico Protected Waters. Hosted by Gaia Mika Apr 10

2010 Victories
Rachel Conn & Brian Shields review a full year of substantial accomplishments by Amigos Bravos and their partners. Hosted by Gaia Mika Dec 10

Rachel Conn & Brian Shields

River Cleanup
Amigos Bravos and Friends on the River clean up planned Saturday June 12. Host Gaia Mika May 10

Oil & Gas Issue
Oil & gas environmental issues in New Mexico. Host Gaia Mika Jun 10

Hearings on NM Outstanding Resource Waters
Hosted by Gaia Mika with Rachel Conn, Erik Schlenker-Goodrich, and Jim O'Donnell. Hearings will be held Sept 14-17 in Room 307 of the Round House in Santa Fe. Aug 10

2009 Radio Rio Shows & other environmental specials
Leslie Winestock
Community organizing to protect drinking water in the South Valley of Albuquerque. Host Michael Jensen. Jan 09

Off Road Vehicles
Rachel Conn & Brian Shields of Amigos Bravos talk about the plan for Off Road Vehicles in the Carson National Forest and ATV bills at the NM Legislature. Feb 09

Matt Brix
Amigos Bravos
Matt Brix on the NM Legislature's recent efforts to limit non-profit organizations ability to engage in public education.
Host Michael Jensen Mar 09

June River Clean up
Brian Shields of Amigos Bravos talks with Jim White of Centinel Bank, Eric Patterson of Water Sentinels of Taos, Diane Grant, and Cathy DeLucus of the US Forest Service, about how you can participate in the collabrative river clean up in Taos and Questa on June 6. May 09

Rachel Conn & Brian Shields

Project Review
Current projects: Clean Water Act, Otter restoration, River cleanup, Water monitoring, LANL lawsuit and annual fundraiser. Host Julia Pyatt June 09

Travel Management
Proposed travel management plan for the Carson National Forest. Brian Shields Host Jul 09

Michael Jensen explains the dangers of pharmaceuticals and other contaminants in drinking water. Aug 09

Dairy Industry Regs
On the Sierra Club and others working on NM State regulations to prevent pollution from the dairy industry in Southern New Mexico. Host Michael Jenson. Oct 09

Tri-Annual Review
Of New Mexico Water Quality Standards - Rachel Conn with host Nicola Ulibarri. Nov 09

2008 Radio Rio Shows & other environmental specials
The Middle Rio Grande
Michael Jensen Host
Jun 08

Election Changes
Amigos Bravos. Changes with the election and plans for next year.
Rachel Conn and Brian Shields with Michael Jensen Nov 08
Environmental Justice Day
At the Round House Jan 18, 2008. Dooda Desert Rock and Dine Care's Alternative Energy Options for the Navajo Nation. Host Michael Jensen. Jan 08

LANL Lawsuit
Press conference at the Roundhouse for the filing of the Communities for Clean Waters Lawsuit brought against Los Alamos National Labs to clean up pollution of PCBs in water. Host Rachel Conn. Feb 08

Amigos Bravos at 20 Years Young
Overview of 20 years of Amigos Bravos. Host Julia Pyatt. Apr 08 Repeated Jul 08

National River Clean Up Week
Arroyo Clean up
Centennial Bank, Sierra Club, Unitarian Congregation of Taos. Rachel Conn Host. May 08

More from Environmental Justice Day
More Speakers from the Environmental Justice Day at the Round House Host Michael Jensen. Mar 08

State Monitoring of Waters in New Mexico
Michael Jennsen Host Aug 08

Uranium Mining
Paul Robinson Southwest Research and Information Center. The Threat of Uranium Mining in North Western New Mexico. Host Michael Jensen. Repeat Sep 08

Oil & Gas Waste
Western Environmental Law Center's work on reducing waste in oil & gas extraction in the West. Rachel Conn with Erik Schlenker-Goodrich and Megan Anderson. Dec 08

River Otters
Now Released in the Rio Grande. Host Rachel Conn
Oct 08

2007 Radio Rio Shows & other environmental specials

Gila River
Protecting the Gila River in Southern New Mexico. Host Rachel Conn. Jan 07

Uranium Mining
Chris Shuey of the Southwest Research and Information Center. Host Michael Jensen. Feb 07

Eminent Domain Interview with Janet Jarratt on the issues of eminent domain and water rights. Host Michael Jensen. Mar 07

LANL Lawsuit
Communities for Clean Waters lawsuit to protect water quality around Los Alamos National Labratories. Host Rachel Conn. Apr 07

River Cleanup
Taos Valley River Clean-ups & Annual Raffle - Jim White & Rachel Conn. Host Brian Shields. May 07

South Valley Water Quality
South Valley Partners for Environmental Justice - protecting water quality in South Valley Acequias. Host Michael Jensen. Jun 07

Uranium Mining
Paul Robinson Southwest Research and Information Center. The Threat of Uranium Mining in North Western New Mexico. Host Michael Jensen. Jul 07

Eminent Domain Interview with Janet Jarratt on the issues of eminent domain and water rights. Host Michael Jensen. Aug 07 (repeat of Mar 07)

Exploring Sacred Places
Interview with Amigos Bravos ED Brian Shields. Host Julia Pyatt. Sep 07

Land & Water Law
Interview with Em Hall, retired professor at UNM School of Law, on recent land and water law cases. Host Michael Jensen. Oct 07

Global Warming
Rachel Conn and Erik Schlenker-Goodrich on work by Amigos Bravos and Western Environmental Law Center on Global Warming. Nov 07

Sylivia Rodriquez
On Acequia Culture
4:33 min. longer than broadcast. Dec 07
Michael Jensen Host

2006 Radio Rio Shows & other environmental specials

Radio Rio
Acequias in the South Valley
Hosted by Brian Shields. Jan 06

Pollution on the Rio Grande Interview with Maceo Mantanette, UNM Biology student. Host Michael Jensen. Feb 06

Montañita Coop
Robyn Seydel of Montañita Coop on protecting water for food. Host Michael Jensen. Mar 06

The Arroyo Hondo
Andy Romero and Cliff Bain on protecting the watershed. Host Rachel Conn. Apr 06

ATV Impacts Impacts of Off Road Vehicles on Water Quality - Michael Sheldony and Erik Schlenker-Goodrich. Host Rachel Conn. May 06

Festival of San Isidro Music and Ceremony at the Festival of San Isidro spring blessing of the Acequias. Hosted by Michael Jensen. Jun 06

Radio Rio
Poetry Special: Pat McCabe and Valerie Martinez. Host Sawnie Morris. Jul 06

LANL & the Otters
Update on the LANL lawsuit and bringing otters back to the Rio Grande. Host Brian Shields. Jul 06

The Valle Vidal
Host Jim O'Donnell on the effort to protect the Valle Vidal from oil and gas drilling. Aug 06

Radio Rio
Laura Ketchum of Environment New Mexico - Our water, Our Future. Host Michael Jensen. Sep 06

Victory on the Valle Vidal
A celebration of the Victory on the Valle Vidal. Host Brian Shields. Nov 07

2005 Radio Rio Shows & other environmental specials

Watershed Restoration
Rosemary Romero of the Meridian Institute & Rachel Conn on Watershed Restoration. Host Shawn Larkin. Jan 05

Valle Vidal
Coalition's progress. Host Shawn Larkin. Feb 05

Radio Rio
South Valley Partners for Environmental Justice. Host Shawn Larkin. Mar 05

Radio Rio
Taos Piano Recital for Water. Host Shawn Larkin. May 05

Valle Vidal update
Rachel Conn. Jun 05

Valle Vidal Host Rachel Conn. Aug 05

Radio Rio
Special Legistation in Congress and New Mexico. Congressman Tom Udall and Senator Jeff Bingaman speak by phone from the floors of Congress. Host Brian Shields. Sep 05

Radio Rio
Clean Water Act - Outstanding Resource Waters and the Valle Vidal. Host Brian Shields. Nov 05

2004 Radio Rio Shows & other environmental specials

Radio Rio
Valle Vidal. Host Rachel Conn. Jun 04

Questa Super Fund Evironmental Protection Agency community meeting in Questa - Superfund issues with the Moly Mine. Host Rachel Conn. Jul 04

Radio Rio
The Clean Water Act. Host Rachel Conn. Aug 04

Contaminants from Los Alamos Labs
Host Rachel Conn.
Sep 04

Mining Claims Mining Claims and the General Mining Law. Host Shawn Larkin. Oct 04 Reintroducing Otters
Reintroducing Otters to the Rio Grande Host Shawn Larkin. Nov 04

Radio Rio
Voices of hope from the past year on the environment. Host Shawn Larkin. Dec 04

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All segments are copyright 2003-2007 by Cultural Energy and/or the creators and may not be reproduced in any form.

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