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Middle East Crisis
Low Altitude Tactical Training (LATN) Area
Coverage of Cannon Air Force Base proposed flyovers of New Mexico & Colorado

All audio segments and photos are copyright 2003-2011 by Cultural Energy, and may not be reproduced in any form. Better sound was broadcast. Windows Media Player or QuickTime, if not installed. Segments are posting in 32 bps compressed mp3 files (24 bps prior to Sep 14, 05) to allow dialup modem access. With slower connections, set your buffer to 30 or more seconds. Problems? eMail energy@culturalenergy.org

You can also listen to more than 2,700 other Cultural Energy Radio Segments on Youth, Arts & Activism

2012 Stories & Meetings
If you want to save the mp3 file for your iPod or other later listening, on Windows, click on the link with the right mouse button, on the Mac, click on the link while holding the control key. Click on images for an enlarged view.
Cultural Energy is 12 Years Old
David Smith-Ferri details the effect of what our military is training for:
Night Raids and Air Attacks in Afghanistan

With Children Like Your Own
David Smith-Ferri of Voices for Creative Non-Violence on the
Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers
March 5, 2012
Intro by Cliff Bain 1:19
Afghanistan & AYPV 1:07:21
Q & A 23:34
Sponsored by Peaceful Skies Coalition & Food Not Bombs

Peaceful Skies Teach-In
Review of major developments on US military's plans for operations over New Mexico
August 22 Taos KEC meeting room
Intro by Carol Miller 1:19
Cliff Bain 1:21
Carol Miller talk 27:44
Gov. JD Martinez Picuris Pueblo 3:04
Peggy Nelson Amigos Bravos 29:15
Miguel Santistevan 7:30
Q & A 23:34

pdf of Sildes from Carol Miller's talk
10.7 megs
Recorded by Robin Collier & edited by Spence Stall

2011 Stories & Meetings

Las Vegas Raging Grannies & Colorado representative Wes McKinley sing Oct 18 at rally before hearing.
2 image composite - click on image for larger view
USAF LATN Overflight Hearing in Las Vegas Oct 18 Standing room only turnout, including many World College students.
Peaceful Skies Coalition upcoming meetings, all at Kit Carson Coop Boardroom, 6 pm.
Wednesday September 28
Thursday October 13
Wednesday October, 26
Wednesday November 2

Cannon Air Force public meeting on LATN Overflights Tues Sep 20 6 pm at the Kachina Lodge in Taos. Demonstration by Peaceful Skies Coalition at 5:30

EA on LATN Released 5 MB pdf
On Sep 7, Cannon Air Force Base released a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) of their proposed low altitude flights (LATN) over New Mexico & Colorado. In the draft they reduced the area for the flights, but ruled that a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was not needed. Forums on the draft will be held throughout the state. Comments in writing on the draft may be made until Nov 5 to: 27 SOW Public Affairs
110 E. Sextant Ave., Suite 1150
Cannon AFB N.M., 88103

The area removed from the flight pattern include the Rio Grande valley from Taos south, & from the San Luis Valley east to Pueblo. However flights will still cross Rio Arriba, Colfax, Mora, San Miguel counties & Taos County from Questa to the CO border.

Peaceful Skies Meeting Sep 15
The Peaceful Skies Coalition will hold a meeting on LATN at 6 pm at the Kit Carson Electric Boardroom. Cliff Bain & Carol Miller of PSC denounced the failure of CAF to do a full EIS and called attention to the major environmental impacts of the flights.

Las Vegas Community Rally
Tuesday Oct 18
4:30 pm

USAF LATN Community Meeting
Tuesday Oct 18 6-9 pm
Las Vegas NM - Highlands University
Kennedy Lounge 905 University Ave
Carol Miller 8:45
Raging Grannies Sing 3:22
Representative Wes McKinley 5:08
Pat Leahan 7:44
Marisol Fernandez 4:39
Full Audio of Public Testimony 2:22:39
Unedited auto-leveled

Proposed Flight Area Click on Map for larger view & here for printable file

HJM 47 for LATN EIS Cleared the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee on Sat Mar 12 and will be heard on the House floor 10:30 am Monday Mar 14. It calls for a full EIS for LATN flyovers.

Memorials for Full EIS on LATN HJM 47 & SJM 34
Marilyn Hoff & Jeanne Green have drafted a Joint Memorial to require a full EIS for LATN flyovers. Taos Legislators, Representative Bobby Gonzales and Senator Carlos Cisneros have agreed to sponsor, with (so far) Sen. John Pinto, Senator Peter Wirth, Rep. Eleanor Chavez, Rep. Ray Begaye and Rep. Nick Salazar agreeing to sign on as co-sponsors.

If you support a Memorial for a full Environmental Impact Statement on LATN low altitude fly-overs contact: Rep. Bobby Gonzales- 505-986-4425, Sen. Carlos Cisneros- 505-986-4362

New Mexico Legislature web site
To check on the status of bills, find committee members & their contact info.

Peaceful Skies On-line Petition
There is now an on-line petition you can sign against the LATN fly-overs. You can send this link to those around the country and world who may be concerned about the issue. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/stopLATN/

Peaceful Skies Legislative Action Day Sat Feb 19

Citizens plan to lobby legislators on the overflights at the Roundhouse starting at 10:30 am.

HM 70 for flyover hearings passed
The memorial calling for interim committees to study the impacts of low altitude flights on Northern New Mexico passed the House before they adjourned.

HM 70 introduced
Bobby Gonzales has introduced a memorial for an interim committee to study the impacts of low altitude flights on Northern New Mexico. This will bring hearings on the issues later in the year.

HJM 47 withdrawn Mar 14
Sponsor Bobby Gonzales withdrew the memorial Monday because of intense opposition by blue dog Democrats.

SJM 34 Tabled
Marilyn Hoff reports that SJM 34 was tabled Fri Mar 4 in a tie vote in the Rules Committee. HJM 47 is in the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee but is not scheduled yet but could be heard Thu Mar 10.

Peaceful Skies Coalition Benefit Concert Feb 12

Folk singers Charlie King and Karen Brandow, musical storytellers and political satirists, will perform Saturday, Feb 12 7-9 pm at the Bareiss Gallery on St Hwy 150. $10 donation requested.

Peaceful Skies Coalition Meeting
June 11 2 pm Kit Carson Coop
The Coalition will be tabling at Cid's Market in Taos on Wednesday, June 8, as well as Friday, June 24; Monday July 18 & Friday, July 29. Contact Liz Kelner if you can help out.

A Voice for Silence - Military Flyovers, Spirituality and Democracy in Action

Matthew Crowley - Crestone, Colorado

A courageous act took place the other day in the basement of the State Capitol building in Denver. Four of our elected representatives to the Colorado house of representatives and fifteen or twenty of our fellow citizens stood up for our rights to use and enjoy our property unmolested by unwanted intrusion.  Rep. Wes McKinley (district 64) sponsored House Bill 1066 which would have made a statement that we as U.S. citizens would not stand for the federal government and or the military from “taking” our rights to enjoy our private property and our way of life without due process. 

Read the full Op-Ed in the Crestone Eagle

Carol Miller New Mexican Op-Ed
supporting the Joint Memorials HJM 47 & SJM 34 calling for an Environmentall Impact Statement of the LATN overflights of NM & CO.

Peaceful Skies Coalition
The next meeting of the Coalition opposing the LATN overflights will be Saturday March 12, 2011 2 pm Kit Carson Electric Coop Board meeting room on Cruz Alta in Taos.

2010 Stories & Meetings

Peaceful Skies Coalition

The next meeting of the Coalition opposing the LATN overflights will be Saturday Jan 8 , 2011 2 pm Kit Carson Electric Coop Board meeting room on Cruz Alta.

Peaceful Skies Coalition
Selections from the Dec 11 meeting where Carol Miller covers the funding by the State of New Mexico, in 2006, of the expansion of Cannon Air Force base, including funding the purchase of water rights, which means loss of education and other needed social services funding.

Carol Miller part 1 10:46
Carol Miller part 2 5:14

Carol has also recently found that overfights are expanding nationwide, including in North Dakota, and in Maine by the Massachusetts & Vermont National Guard.

Peaceful Skies Coalition

The next meeting of the Coalition opposing the LATN overflights will be Saturday Dec 11, 2010 2 pm Kit Carson Electric Coop Board meeting room on Cruz Alta.

Carol Miller Interview 34:20
Robin Collier interviews health advocate & past Congressional Candidate Miller about the state of New Mexico's funding of the expansion of Cannon Air Force base, including purchase of water rights, highway interchanges & schools. All this will help enable the flyovers proposed. She relates this to the continued financial support of LANL by our congressional delgation, part of the nationwide militarization of our economy.

Peaceful Skies Petition & Incident Report

A new petition was introduced at the Coalition meeting of Dec 11 directed at the President, Federal elected representatives & the Air Force. Also presented was a report form for reporting flyovers and a overview of issues. The Coaliton is working to gather signatures with a February 14 goal for submission. Petitions can be downloaded here & sent to Peaceful Skies Coalition, PO Box 297, Arroyo Hondo, NM 87513

Petition: Word Doc
Petition: PDF Acrobat File
Flyover Incident Report Form

LATN Issues Overview

The Santa Fe City Council Public Works committee passed a resolution Nov 8 favoring the LATN flyovers as long as environmental concerns are addressed. This will be heard by the full council on Wed Nov 10.

Read the full Nov 4 article

Peaceful Skies On-line Petition
There is now an on-line petition you can sign against the LATN fly-overs. You can send this link to those around the country and world who may be concerned about the issue. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/stopLATN/

Santa Fe City Council votes to Support Flyovers

The Albuquerque Journal reports the SF City Council voted Nov 10 to support the LATN flyovers.

"Councilor Patti Bushee, the lone dissenter, said she was concerned about Santa Fe weighing in, and taking a contrary position, on an issue that may have a greater effect on its neighbors. 'I still don't really understand why we would go against communities that have real concerns when we aren't going to be subjected to the same things they are,' Bushee said. A couple of councilors, including Rosemary Romero, said they'd like to see the Air Force produce an environmental impact statement — an extensive process that could take years. "

Read the full Nov 11 article

Wall Street Journal covers Air Force flyovers

The Wall Street Journal quotes Cliff Bain, Col. Clark, Chris Calvert and Kathleen Dudley in a article on the proposed LATN flyovers.

Read the full Nov 9 article

Clovis News Journal Oct 30

The Clovis News Journal interviews Col. Clark on the 8 public meetings on LATN. He blames the opposition on misunderstanding the impacts the flights will have on any particular area.

"'With the LATN, I’m not stuck with 10 or 12 or 15 routes. Even if the proposal changes, there is plenty of area to maneuver around so I’m not hitting the same terrain night after night...so what we think is that about every other week we might be in the same area rather than every night or every other night in the same area,' Clark said."

From this, can we conclude that there will be only 30 routes and those unlucky enough to be living under them will only be woken up every 2 weeks or 26 times a year?

Read the full article

Colfax County Votes Support of LATN Oct 29

The Raton Ranger reports that the Colfax County Commission voted 3-0 Friday to support the LATN overflights.. Read the article.

Sunday Oct 24 Albuqerque Journal Article on LATN

Detailed article with quotes from all of the congressional delegation, Col Clark and Cliff Bain of the Peaceful Skies Coalition on the flights and the future of Cannon Air Force Base.

ABQ-Jrn: Kirkland AFB Seeks Expansion of C-130 flights

Update: Kirklad AFB has extended the comment period one week to Nov 10, 2010
The ABQ Journal reports that the public has until Nov 3, 2010 to comment on Kirkland's proposed expansion of C-130 flights detailed in a Draft Environmental Assessment by email to nepa@kirtland.af.mil. Reading the draft.pdf, one may get an idea what the LATN EA might look like.

Santa Fe Council Considers Support for Flyovers

The Albuquerque Journal reports the SF City Council will consider a resolution supporting LATN training flights. This will be heard in the Public Works committee on Mon Nov 8 at 5 pm and by the Council Wed Nov 10. This signals a reversal from a previous resolution they were considering opposing LATN.

Peaceful Skies Coalition

The next meeting of the Coalition opposing the LATN overflights will be Nov 1, 2010 6:30 pm Kit Carson Electric Coop Board meeting room on Cruz Alta

Taos LATN Scoping meeting Oct 14, 2010, Cliff Bain speaking, Col. Clark listening. Composite Photo by Robin Collier
LATN Information Meetings in New Mexico & Colorado
Cannon Air Force Base has announced meetings to present information and hear issues and concerns regarding the proposal to establish a Low Altitude Tactical Navigation area for Special Operation Forces in Northern New Mexico & Southern Colorado.


New Mexico Scoping meetings

Oct. 14, 1-3 p.m., State Capitol Building Rm. 322, 425 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe,N.M. 87503

Oct. 14, 6-8 p.m., Rio Grande Hall, 121 Civic Plaza Dr., Taos, N.M. 87571

 Oct. 15, 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Commission Chambers, City Hall, 224 Savage Ave., Raton, N.M., 87740

 Oct. 15, 5-7 p.m., Leveo Sanchez Auditorium, 800 National Ave, Las Vegas, N.M. 87701

Colorado Scoping meetings:

Oct. 18, 11-1 p.m., Montrose County Fairgrounds, 1001 N. 2nd St., Montrose, Co., 81401

Oct. 18, 6-8 p.m., Durango Public Library, 1900 E. 3rd Ave, Durango, Co., 81301

Oct. 19, Alamosa, Co., Time & Venue: TBD

Oct. 19, Pueblo, Co., Time & Venue: TBD and details will be released shortly.

Taos Opposes LATN Overflights
At the special 3 hour Taos Town Council meeting Sep 27, attended by as many as 300 people, the Town unanimously adopted a resolution opposing the overflights proposed by Cannon Air Force Base.

EA LATN Comment Period Extended to Nov 15, 2010
Mayor Cordova announced at the Sep 27 special Town Council meeting that Cannon has extended the time for the public to comment on the Environmental Assesment of the proposed Low Altitude Tactical Navigation Training Area to Nov 15, 2010.

LATN Comments can be sent to:
Cannon AFB Public Affairs Office
110 E. Sextant Ave. Suite 1150
Cannon AFB, NM 8810
or by email:

Download Comment Form
LATN NEPA Comment Form pdf
LATN Comment Form word-doc

The next Peaceful Skies Coalition meeting will be 6:30 Monday, Oct 11 at the Kit Carson Boardroom. To get involved in the effort to oppose the flights contact Cliff Bain at 575-770-2167

Las Vegas Opposes LATN Overflights
Taos Pueblo Opposes Flights
Las Vegas Special Meeting on Airforce Overflights
Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010, 4:30PM
A special City Council meeting has been called by Las Vegas Mayor Alfonso E. Ortiz, Jr., for the community to provide public input, and for the City Council to vote on Resolution No. 10-78:
"A Governmental Resolution Stating an Objection to the Low Altitude Tactical Navigation (LATN) Proposal in the City of Las Vegas, New Mexico"
Las Vegas Opposes LATN
Sep 21 the Las Vegas City Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing the proposed Air Force LATN Flyovers
Las Vegas LATN resolution

The Mayor also offered a generic resolution that other cities & counties might use as a model.
Generic LATN resolution

Pat Leahan of the Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center reports that on Sep 15 the Las Vegas City Council met and heard public comment against the overflights. The Mayor offered to write a resolution opposing the flights and will schedule a special meeting to hear the resolution.

Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center
LATN Action Information

Taos Pueblo voices opposition to the Airforce Overflights
At the Return of Blue Lake Commemoration Sep 18, Gilbert Suazo Sr. spoke out against any Airforce overflight over Taos Pueblo Lands.

Gilbert Suazo Sr. 2:48

Dr. Glenabah Martinez directly asked Senator Bingaman for his support in protecting the Pueblo from the flights.

Dr. Glenabah Martinez 0:27

LATN CV-22 Osprey & C-130 Gunship - Colorado & New Mexico Night Overflights

Taos Mayor Cordova has announced a Citizen Forum to address the concerns for the LATN (low altitude tactical navigation) program. It will be 6:30, Monday, September 27th at the Don Fernando Hall.

Cathy Connelly, the town information officer, reports that the Town of Taos is preparing a resolution in opposition to the Airforce training, low altitude flights being proposed to occur over Taos. Currently, this resolution is to be heard before the Council at the next Regular Town of Taos Council Meeting, 1:30 pm, September 28, Council Chambers, Coronado Hall, 120 Civic Plaza Dr.

Taos organizes on overflights
Sep 15 about 25 people met to plan opposition to the Airforce overfights. Committees were formed to contact communities & press throughout Colorado & new Mexico. Citizens were urged to come to the Sep 27 forum and the Sep 28 council meeting and to submit comments and contact the congressional delegation. To get involved contact Cliff Bain at 575-770-2167

Colorado Federal Lands Map
New Mexico Federal Lands Map

Positions of Mayor Cordova & Congressman Luján on the Airforce Overflights. Interviews with Taos Mayor Darren Cordova and Congressman Ben Ray Luján at the Sep 12 rally for Diane Denish on the proposed night flights over Taos. Mayor Cordova came out strongly against the flights, while Congressman Luján simply urged people to comment on the proposal. Robin Collier interview

Taos Mayor Cordova 2:52
Congressman Ben Ray Luján 1:55

Loud Low Fying Night Flights Planned by US Airforce

Department of Defense photo
The US Airforce is proposing a new Low Altitude Tactical Navigation (LATN) training area covering most of Central & Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. They plan to fly about 3 flights per weeknight from Cannon Airforce Base in Eastern NM of C-130 and CV-22 Osprey aircrews, flying as low as 200 feet above-ground-level (AGL) with speeds below 250 knots. There is a 30 day comment period for scoping of a NEPA Environmental Assesment which ends Oct 4, 2010.

Activists are urging people to submit comments and contact their local representatives, and governing bodies to submit comments, in regard to the potential major impacts on rural populations and livestock. Activists are urging that the comment period be extended and that a full Environmental Impact Statement be required.

Comments can be submitted to:
Cannon AFB Public Affairs Office
110 E. Sextant Ave. Suite 1150
Cannon AFB, NM 8810
or by email:

Download Comment Form
LATN NEPA Comment Form pdf
LATN Comment Form word-doc

Notice of NEPA Environmental Assessment

Overview of LATN operations

Map of Proposed Training Area

Map of Alternative 1 & No Action

NEPA Fact Sheet


CV-22 Aircraft Fact Sheet

C-130 Aircraft Fact Sheet

Cannon Airforce Base web page

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