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John Nichols

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John Nichols Memorial 2:06:15
John Nichols Memorial in Taos, May 25, 2024 at the TCA organized by SOMOS hosted by Tania Casselle and Sean Murphy.

John Nichols Tazza 55:29
Author John Nichols talks:  the environment, writing, movies  and Northern New Mexico in a two-part interview. The interviews  aired December 29th 1999 and January 5th 1998. They were recorded at Caffe Tazza in Taos.

John Nichols Brodsky 28:26
Author John Nichols talks about his book "Dancing on the Stones." The interview was recorded at The Brodsky Bookshop and aired on March 14th, 2000.

John Nichols & Jack Loeffler 31:10
Author Jack Loeffler, reads from his book "Adventures of Ed: A Portrait of Abbey," at SOMOS Summer Writer's series. This reading was recorded  on August 23rd, 2002 at Caffe Tazza's courtyard in Taos, New Mexico. John Nichols introduces Jack Loeffler August 2002.

Nichols & Loeffler 51:37
Author John Nichols reads at SOMOS Summer Writer Series on August 23rd 2002, at Caffe Tazza Courtyard in Taos, New Mexico. Jack Loeffler introduces John Nichols.

John Nichols Rumsfeld Protest 18:48
John Nichols speaking at Rumsfeld Protest in Taos Oct. 26 2002

Taos Writer's Roundtable 90 min
Writing and the Creative Process. UNM Taos. Nov 5, 2009 Moderator Sean Murphy, writers Mirabai Starr, Erin Badhand & John

John Nichols at the Harwood

John Nichols 47:47
Uncensored 2007 reading from a screenplay on the Cuban Revolution and his new novel "The Empanada Brotherhood" to be published by Chronicle Books. Includes profanity.

Speaking at a Friends of D.H. Lawrence event April 9, 2010
Sam Richardson intro

John Nichols on Lawrence 10:54
Sam Richardson Close




Taos Currents 28:00
2008 Interview with John Nichols on the 20th Anniversary of the film The Milagro Beanfield War
Host Mike Tilley

John Nichols - the Milagro Beanfield War

John Nichols Part 1 44:50
John Nichols Part 2 22:09
Bleeped version
. John Nichols in 2008 talking about the making of the Milagro Bean Field War movie showing at the TCA Mar. 16 to 20.

John Nichols 1:15:21
Uncensored version. John reads from his novel the Milagro Beanfield War. He then tells the arduous story of how the script was written & re-written, how the movie was made and how little of his writing ended up in the movie directed by Robert Redford. John spoke at a benefit showing of the Milagro Beanfield War on the 20th anniversary of the film for the Martinez Hacienda on Mar 28, 2008 and is introduced by Morris Whitten. John Nichols views are his own, not those of Cultural Energy, so please, Robert Redford, don't sue us. Editing by Harvey Soloman & normalization by Robin Collier

John Nichols 31:38
Nov. 17 2019 Reading at SOMOS on the opening of the Durango Public Library.

Maureen McCoy Sentimental Deportation
John Nichols How my Mother Came Out West
From a memoir in progress on John's parents at the SOMOS Summer Writer's Series Aug 14, 2013.
McCoy intro by Nichols 10:32 Maureen McCoy 29:52
Nichols intro by McCoy 5:51 John Nichols 39:00 Q & A 3:58
Recorded by Robin Collier Edited by Spence Stall

John Nichols Introduction to Taylor Streit 9:01
At the SOMOS 2008 Winter Writers Series. John spins his own tale about the fly fishing guide & author.

John Nichols and Nature 30:53
John speaks on his new book "My Heart Belongs to Nature" and book signing at Brodskys April 1 4-6 pm.

John Nichols 31:07
John Nichols speaks before his booksigning at Brodskys Book Store April 1st, 2017 for his new photo book "My Heart Belongs to Nature"

John Nichols 28:48
John's new book 'The Empanada Brotherhood' and the discipline of writing a novel
June 2008

Nichols signature


John Nichols 117:16
Author John Nichols on how he got started in writing and his lifetime journey of writing and re-writing and working with agents, editors and publishers. He spoke at a writers event organized by Bill Whaley in the mural room of the old county courthouse on July 24, 2015

Nichols Mural Room John Nichols playing in the Mural Room 2015 Robin Collier photo

John Nichols 28:51
2019 Interview with John Nichols on his new book on his mother, "Goodbye, Monique"

John Nichols 54:49
Sep. 22, 2022 Reading from his book "I Got Mine, Confessions of a Midlist Writer" at SOMOS with Joe Berrera.

John NicholsCisco Guevara & with his wife Allegra Houston and son Rafael, listening
John Nichols introduces Taylor Streit.
Cisco Guevara & with his wife Allegra Houston and son Rafael, listening.
Recording & Photos by Robin Collier

John Nichols interviewed by Tania Casselle 2008


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