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Taos Local Television

Cultural Energy is a nonprofit organization formed in 2003 to create radio and other media productions for Northern New Mexico.

Monique Sandoval & Emileah Lujan of the Taos Pueblo Day School Radio Club recording narration to their interview to edit in Protools on the Macintosh

Cultural Energy presented
The Taos Teen Media Camp
June 6 - 11, 2005 in Taos

Cultural Energy offered a week long media camp for high school age students from Taos County on June 6-11, 2005. Three different workshops taught production skills for video, radio and print media. A total of 33 students were accepted.

The camp was free to participating students, thanks to our generous funders. The sessions also emphasized media literacy, understanding the influences of commercial interests on the media, and alternative ways of distributing youth media creations.

Log in to listen on line to the Radio Segments

Read the Zine "Untitled Nachos" online

Radio Youth Collective & Workshops Planned for 2006-2007

Instead of a Teen Media Camp for June 2006, we are planning a year long radio ongoing youth collective & workshops for Taos Middle and High School Students. We have received funding from the New Mexico Community Foundation, and and soon will be receiving funding from the University of New Mexico through the Surdna Foundation. We invite business sponsorships and membership support for this project. We are planning for a Teen Multi-Media Camp in June 2007.

If you are interested in participating in our ongoing workshop for teen radio, as a student, teacher, speaker or donor, please contact Robin Collier by email at at

or call 575-758-9791.

Our plan is to start working with a core group of youth this summer and then begin recruiting for a more youth in fall 06. Begining in Dec 06 we will offer 6 monthly Saturday workshops for youth with experienced radio producers and media literacy teachers.

We plan to build a team of youth producers to regular segments for distribution to KRZA, KTAO, KVOT, KLDK, KUNM and on-line. We have begun discussions with teachers at the Taos Charter School, Taos High School, Chamisa Mesa, Xache Learning Center, Taos Home Schoolers, Taos Pueblo Day Schools and others to build our producing team. Please call Robin at 575-758-9791 if you are interested in being involved.

Taos Teen Media Showcase & Party

Here is the poster for the Showcase & Party.

Saturday, June 11 at the Taos AG Center
4 - 7:30 PM Showcase of Youth Media Creations
Free Exhibit of Video, Radio & Print pieces
8 PM to Midnight Dance Party with DJ & More
$5 Youth $7 Adults
Call 758-9791 for info

Party & Exhibit staff: Omar Rane, Silvana Piga, Heather and Alex Anderson, Sarah McCollum and the Teen Media Youth.

Each hands on workshop produced at least 5 finished pieces in each medium, which were presented in a public showcase on the closing day of the camp. Communication skills learned in the workshops will be valuable in whatever field of study of work students pursue.

Download pdf Application for Camp

Congratulations to the more 30 Taos youth choosen to participate in the Teen Media Camp!

MacKenzie Wooldridge, Nicholas Rutkans, Rebecca Embler, R. J. Chavez , Evelyn Wolfe, Juman Khweis, Axl Taylor & Julio Miera

Alie Velario, Aaron Allred, Forest Bello, Andrea Blue Arm, Vanessa Perez, Ned Randolph, Ian Bearden & Holt Seiler.

Aleta Storch, Kitty Hacket, Travis Thompson, Karen Mirabal, Alyssa Cashman, Derek Stevens, David Valerio, Eric Mondragon, Katherine Buchanan & Noah Bridgers.

Accepted but unable to attend: Angelo Mitchell, Trevor Martin, Aspen Meleski, Deelavon Espinoza, Andrew Atencio, Ryan Allais & Christie Marie Medina.

Melanie Baca interviews Council candidate Melitón Struck

You can download an Information Sheet in Adobe PDF format. Here are more details on the Camp. Call 758-9791 if you have any question about applying to participate in the workshops. You can also pick up an application at Cultural Energy offices. Our Color Poster is in jpg format

Radio segments from Taos Teen Media Camp Log-in to listen

Ian, Alie & Ned record in the studio

Musical Tastes in Taos
Ian Bearden

Happy Pills
Ned Randolph

The System
Vanessa Perez

The Pursuit of Acceptance by my Passion
Andy Blue Arm

Andy shows Holt her feminist basketball skills

Faith in the Eyes of Taoseños
Holt Seiler

The Protection of the Valle Vidal - Why, Government, Why?
Aaron Allred

A Glitch in the System
Partying in Taos - Alie Valerio

Alternative Energy
Forest Bello

Vanessa edits in Protools

Video Segments
From the Teen Media Camp
Log-in to listen & Watch

Extreme Arts
David Valerio
Smoke and Die
Kitty Hacket
The Rush
Kathernine Buchanan & Derek Stevens
Karen Mirabal & Eric Mondragon
Aleta Storch & Ayssa Cashman
Today's Movemnent, Tomorrow's Head Trip
Travis Thompson & Noah Bridges

Read Teen Media Camp Writing Online
Online Zine: Untitled Nachos

Donald Rumsfeld Interview
Rebecca Embler
Waffles Nicholas Rutkins
Land Development Julio Miera
Global WarmingBandit Axl Taylor
Israeli - Palestinian Conflict Stabs Youth Juman Khweis
The Importance of the Angelada Building in Taos History R. J. Chavez
Mother of Greatness Evelyn Wolfe
As Long as the Flower Still Blooms
MacKenzie Wooldridge

Teen Media Camp Instructors

Jimmy Santiago Baca, award winning Poet, Author and Film/Script writer provided inspiration for all the tracks on the first day. Other media producers and educators made guest appearances during the week, including Scott Randolph, Ruben Martinez, Shawana Williams, John Nichols, Whitney Allen, Marcus Saunders, Marie Rose Mayer and Blaze Basara. Assitants included Robin Collier, Thos Meyers and Mike Tilley

Kay Matthews, editor and publisher of La Jicarita News, a monthly magazine of environmental and social justice issues for the last 10 years, was chosen as teacher for the Print Track. Kay has also had articles published in New Mexico Magazine, American Forests, Santa Fe Reporter, Mother Earth News, High Country News, and the Christian Science Monitor. She has also has published 5 books on hiking in New Mexico and was Peñasco coordinator of the Taos Literacy Program.

Kay is a graduate of Antioch College in Ohio with further studies at University of New Mexico.

Deborah Begel, independent radio producer,was chosen for teaching the Radio Track. Deborah's experience includes 3 years from reporter to news anchor for Pacifica's WBAI-FM in NY, News and Sports Director for WXPN-FM, in Philadelphia, and independent producer of stories for NPR, National Native News, Latino USA, Living on Earth. She has served for many years as senior producer for the National Writer Project's Rural Voices Radio.

Deborah has a degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon and is currently completing her Masters in Writing at Spaulding University.

Peter Aran Walker, a digital film maker and web video producer, will lead the Video Track. He is currently teaching writing and video production in the Discovery program at the Taos Middle School. He is also a humanities teacher at Yaxache Learning Center. He has successfully produced short films in Mexico, China, Vietnam and in the US, focussing on cross-cultural themes.

Peter has also taught ESL/ESOL to international students. Peter has a Master's Degree in K-8 multiple subjects from the University of Oregon.

Teen Media Programmers Pamela Pereyra and Rita McElmury

Pamela Pereyra, a past programmer with Taos Talking Pictures Teen Media Conference, was hired by Cultural Energy as Director of Teen Media Programming and Outreach. Rita McElmury was hired as Assistant Director of Teen Media Programming and Outreach.

Pamela Pereyra is bilingual in Spanish and English with a degree in mass communication and media studies from University of South Florida. She now teaches a media literacy class as part of administering a tobacco prevention program at Taos High School. She was key person, working with Dan Marano, in organizing TTPIX's work with teens from 1998 to 2002. She has created media curriculum for TTPIX, Casa de Corazon and Chamisa Mesa High School.

New Mexico Community Foundation Grant to Cultural Energy

The New Mexico Community Foundation has awarded Cultural Energy a $5,000 grant to support the Teen Media Camp. This is part of NMCF's Youth Initiative funded by the Kellogg Foundation under the direction of Stephen Patrick and Maria Joy.

Taos County and Town of Taos Grants for Teen Media Camp

The Town of Taos awarded Cultural Energy a $5,000 contract on March 22 to help fund the Teen Media Camp. Taos County awarded Cultural Energy a $2,000 grant on February 7th for the camp. Cultural Energy greatly appreciates this support from both the town and the county.

Rita McElmury has a degree on communications from Emerson College in Boston, with a major in audio and minor in photography and creative writing. She is a mentor for the SOMOS youth writing program and her photography has been exhibited in Taos, Santa Fe & Boston.

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The Surdna Foundation through KUNM Radio

Thanks to our
Major Teen Media Workshop Funders

The New Mexico Community Foundation
The Town of Taos
Taos County
EMA Foundation
Charles Strong
- Peter & Madeleine
- Martin Foundation
Robert Wood
-Johnson Foundation

Thanks to our other Teen Media Funders
and In-kind donors

Arabian Nights
Kathryn Albrecht
Philip Bareiss
Blue Moon Breads
Brodsky Bookshop
Chamisa Mesa
- High School
Cid's Food Market
Century 21 Realty
- Paul Romero
Evolving Creative
- Opportunitie
Robert M. Fitch
Edward A. Foster
. Express
Linda Griego
Morten Nilssen

Rocky Mountain
- Youth Corps
Scott Randolph
Taos Film Commission
Taos Inn
Taos Local Televison
Taos News

Contact Robin Collier at 758-9791 you want to donate to be a sponsor or wish to be a cosponsoring organization in presenting the Teen Media Conference next year.

Pamela & Silvana

Thanks to our Volunteers & Staff

Cultural Energy thanks all the volunteers & staff who worked over the last two years to make this possible.

John Acker
Whitney Allen
Barbara Arnold
Melanie Baca
Janice Bailey
John Batis
Deborah Begel
Jasmine Bennett
Casa de Corazon
Robin Collier
Kathy Cordova
Scott Damon
Flowers Espinosa
Lisa Fox
Eric Heland
Andy Haimowitz
Brad Hockmeyer
Kara Janeczko
Sharon Leach
Bob McCannon
Susan McCarthy
Sarah McCollum
Rita McElmury
Thos Meyers
April Mondragon-Abbott
Joleen Montoya
Morten Nilssen
Pamela Pererya
Omar Rane
Cathy LaBelle
Scott Randolph
Marcus Sanders
Beryl Schwartz
Suzie Schwartz
Jonathan Slater
Mike Tilley
Maye Torres
Ron Usherwood
Ben Varner
Morris Witten
And any others we may have left out inadvertently...