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Nachos Untitled No 5

A Zine by the Taos Teen Media Camp
June 11, 2005

Juman Kweis

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Israeli - Palestinian Conflict Stabs Youth

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Stabs Youth

by Juman Khweis

Maryam Ghaben, a Palestinian mother filled with sorrow says, "I feel for the Israeli mothers who lost children to Palestinian bombs." Like the multitude of lacerated victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Maryam's loved ones were murdered by an exploding tank shell. Arnold Roth, an Israeli father of six, yearns for philanthropy because his 15 year old daughter, Malka, was murdered by a suicide bomber. Because of Zionism, I believe that a two state solution is virtually impossible. Ignorant people on both sides act childish because they believe Palestine or Israel is their "homeland." This opinion is pure nonsense because a mono-cultural state cannot prosper. What message is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict conveying to youth, such as myself?

Moreover, Israeli Zionism, a spiteful movement dedicated to taking land through plunder for vast Jewish settlement, contradicts "give more than you receive." Palestinians and Israelis against Zionism are not allowed peaceful, non-violent lives. Indeed, Zionism creates mental, emotional, and social annihilation among youth. For example, Roa Salameh, a 12 year old Palestinian, wants to slaughter innocent Israeli civilians through suicide bombing, which saddens me. As Zionists annex land to Israel, youth worldwide recognize the contradiction: Receive more than you give? Heartbreakingly, Zionists have obviously misconstrued the value of "give more than you receive" because they "receive" land, and in return, "give" hardship to society. I, an Arab-Palestinian, question how a two state solution is feasible when Zionists are raiding land and being self-centered.

Furthermore, as youngsters we are taught that "sharing is caring," but selfish Israelis and Palestinians who believe Israel/Palestine is their "homeland" are demolishing and detracting from this idea. Nobody on Earth has the right to claim a "homeland" because they did not create it. Native Americans claiming America as their homeland, and consequently deporting Americans of other ethnicities, would be similar to the Israeli/Palestinian scenario--outrageous! Sharing plays a major role in human interaction. Sensible, mature Israelis and Palestinians are deprived of this value due to edacious people creating a world of cultural seclusion.

Lastly, diversity is our alternative oxygen; in fact, cultural interaction has contributed to food, dance, clothing, holiday traditions, music, etc. Without a multi-cultural world people, including me, would undeniably have difficulty bonding and sharing. Due to the unfortunate greed of certain Palestinians and Israelis, the peace doves on both sides cannot end this venomous chapter of war. Clearly, the lacking key ingredient is cultural/racial tolerance. Open minded Israelis and Palestinians know that connection is a necessity for peace. For fifty consecutive years, stubborn Palestinians and Israelis have been transmitting this erroneous message to youth: cultural interaction is unimportant and inferior to wealth.

In conclusion, I witness Israelis and Palestinians heading the wrong way down a one way street. Zionism is a deceitful route because it is supposed to establish stable lives for Jews but instead creates hatred between Israelis and Palestinians. Unfortunatley, Zionists "receive" more than they "give." Israelis and Palestinians who do not want to share their so called "homeland" disrupt the cycle of sharing. Heterogeneity allows cultural interaction, but the desire for a mono-cultural state stanches the flow of this interaction. Because this horrendous conflict has continued for over fifty years, youth are unable to extricate themselves from a pool brimming with contradiction, hypocrisy, greed, and violence.


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