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Nachos Untitled No 5

A Zine by the Taos Teen Media Camp
June 11, 2005

Evelyn Wolfe

Global Warming



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Mother of Greatness
By Eve wolfe

I had the pleasure of sitting down and interveiwing an amazing woman whose name is Elizabeth Selph. This women goes through more in one day than anyone else I know.

Eve Wolfe: Mrs. Selph I understand that you take care of a medically fragile child Annie, right? How old is Annie and how long has she been adopted from CYFD (Childrens/Youth/Family Department)?

Elizabeth Selph: I have had Annie since she was three weeks old. She will be turning three in July.
EW: Can you explain what it is like dealing with a medically fragile child?
ES: It is very tiring.
EW: Really. Can explain in more detail?
ES: Most of the time I wake up at 11:00 p.m. and stay awake and play with Annie until 3:00 a.m. Then at this time I give Annie's medicine through a G-Tube. Thrity minutes later I feed her through her G-Tube, also.
EW: May I ask what a G-Tube is?
ES: A G-Tube is a gastrio-intestinal feeding tube. So the food goes directly from a feeding pump to Annie's stomach.
EW: What is the rest of your day like?
ES: it is full of physical therapy and doctor appoinments, some even in Albuquerque and Denver.
EW: What are Annie's disabilities?
ES: Annie is blind, deaf, and has problems with gaining weight.
EW: When did you find out she is blind and deaf?
ES: When she was three months old we found out that she is deaf. When she was four months old we found out that she's blind.
EW: When did you adopt her?
ES: When she was eight months old.
EW: So you adopted her knowing about her disabilities. Most people wouldn't even dare. What made you keep her?
ES: Because we fell in love with her. Right away we knew she was an angel god sent to us.
EW: Mrs. Selph, do you have any other kids?
ES: Yes, I have four more two girls and two boys.
EW: Are they your biological children?
ES: No.
EW: Are they adopted?
ES: Only one is adopted, the eldest, Shawniece.
EW: Does she have any problems?
ES: Yes, she has seizures that she has to take medicine for and has learning disabilities.
EW: Ok, So who are the other three who live with you?
ES: The girl is my sister's daughter, Bethanie. The boys are my grandsons, Brandon and Philip. Philip is on medicine for seizures, too.
EW: So basically you have five kids and three of them take medicine. You haven't gone crazy yet?
ES: No, not quite yet.
EW: So back to Annie. Do you know why she has her disabilities?
ES: Her biological mother did a lot of drugs and had no prenatal care.
EW: Wow, it must hurt to find out that your baby was treated so badly.
ES: Yes, Because I deal with the results of her mother's stupidity.
EW: So do you have any help?
ES: Yes, my husband and my sister help.
EW: OK, so Mrs. Selph, thank you for your time.
ES: No problem, thank you.


Copyright 2005 by Cultural Energy and each Teen Media Camp Creator


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