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Nachos Untitled No 5

A Zine by the Taos Teen Media Camp
June 11, 2005

Axl Taylor

Mother of Greatness

Angelada Building


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My name is Axl Taylor and I am going to tell you a story about three kids who live in the hills of Michigan. This story starts out when the three kids Stacey, Max, and Zachary were out playing by the river when they heard their parents yelling for them to do more chores, right after they had just finished the other ones. If you can't tell, these children don't have a very fun life. They have to do chore after chore, and most of the time they do pretty pointless ones, or ones they have already done (stack the fire wood when it is already stacked). They have been living this way for three (Stacey), five (Max), and eight (Zachary) years, They started working when they were five years old.

Their whole life was like this until one day, while they were paying out in the woods by their house, knowing that they only had about thirty minutes until they would be called to do more work, they heard something bark. They all froze for about five seconds and then they heard it again and again. They started to get curious, so they slowly moved closer to where they heard the sound coming from. They came around a tree and saw a man wearing a top hat, nice clothes, an eye piece, with a stop watch hanging from his pocket. He was beating a dog that was tied up to a tree. Again, and again he hit the dog with a stick, and again and again the dog barked. But then Stacey, who was just reaching her older brothers, steeped on a stick. The man looked up, but they hid behind the tree. He dropped the stick and ran away, leaving the dog tied up. While he was running way the three kids heard him say, "I paid a lot of money for that dog, but I can't get caught beating it. An animal will probably get it because it's only a puppy and it's hurt." They also heard their parents calling them. Zachary, the oldest, ran out and grabbed the dog. It was tannish brown and had blood stains all over it. They then ran back to their house and tied it up behind the stack of wood, hoping their parents wouldn't find it, and went to go see what their chores were now.

For one of the first times in their lives they weren't being called to do more chores, they were being called in for dinner. They all saved some of their dinner and stuck it in their pockets. They went to bed. After their parents had fallen asleep they got up and went outside to see the dog, They fed it the food from their pocket and then washed it off with water from their well. It took a month for the dog to recover.

By the time their parents found out about the dog it had been one month and the dog was a lot bigger now. They found out when one day the dog would not stop barking. Their parents did not take very kindly to this and they got a lot of punishment, They had more chores, and their parents considered getting rid of the dog. The three kids did not like that idea at all, so eventually they convinced their parents to let them keep it.

The three kids loved having the dog around who was now named Bandit. They played by the river for hours. They would let him in the house on cold stormy nights. They lived with the dog for three years and they got very attached to him. Their life was starting to turn around and be happy until one day when they were in town they saw the man they had seen three years before in the woods. "Where did you find that dog?" the man asked. "Did you find it in the woods?"

The kids did not remember who he was and said yes.

"When did you find it, about three years ago?" the man asked.

"Yes there was a man beating it, and then he suddenly ran away and left this dog tied up to the tree. We then went out and untied it from the tree and cared for it," Zachary said, now remembering who the man was.

"I want my dog back!" The man yelled, as he tried to take the dog away.

The kids ran, and as they were running away they heard the man say "this is not over!". They did not turn back and they ran all the way home and told their parents the whole story. Their parents said that they would most likely have to give the dog back.

The next day they woke up to the sound of knocking on their door. They went to open the door and there was the town sheriff standing there with the man from the woods.

"I'm sorry, kids, but you have to give the dog back to this man. By rights it's his dog," the sheriff said.

"But sir. this man left it in the woods hurt, and bleeding."

"Is this true?" asked the sheriff.

"Of course not, they are just sad," the man said.

"I'm sorry, kids, I don't want this to turn into a huge deal," the sheriff said, as he took the dog and handed it to the man.

He shut the door and then they left. They never saw the man or the dog ever again. They were very sad and did not want to talk to anyone for a week, Eventually they got another dog, but it was never the same as having Bandit.

Based on a true story.


Copyright 2005 by Cultural Energy and each Teen Media Camp Creator


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