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Nachos Untitled No 5

A Zine by the Taos Teen Media Camp
June 11, 2005

Nicholas Rutkins

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or you will undoubtedly end up spending your day at there, deciding what you want to do and where you want to go.

"Well," said Alice "we could...erm..."

Nate looked around, nothing sprang to mind. He raised his eyebrow at Alice. "We could erm?"

Alice thought about this for a second, and said, "No erming is definitely something we could not do." She grinned at Nate.

"Now that's a shame, it really is." Nate said and grinned back.

"There isn't much to do today," Alice said.

Nate decided. "I think this afternoon is a poker afternoon."

Alice adopted a terrible Russian accent. "Russian poker."

In the same mock voice Nate replied, "Well, of course." And he got into his car to lead the way to his house.


As far as Nate and Alice knew, poker had absolutely nothing to do with Russia. This fact, however, didn't stop them from playing Russian poker. Russian poker is like normal poker, except in three areas. First, when playing Russian poker, you must always use a Russian accent. Second, instead of money, all bets are made in nuclear missiles. And third, it's usually played after drinking large amounts of the Russians' favorite drink, vodka. In retrospect, vodka is probably how they invented the whole game.

"Ahhhh. I will raise you three nuclear missiles," Alice slurred in an accent so bad it bordered on becoming its own language.

"I will see your three missiles and raise you one more nuclear missile," Nate said in the same accent, only worse. He found himself staring into Alice's eyes, watching her fumble with her five card hand.

"Only one missile?! You are a girlie man. I will see your one girlie man missile, and raise you a million missiles!" She looked back at him, hoping she had not yelled too loudly.

Nate looked at Alice, then down to his hand, and said dejectedly, "Well, I fold then."

They both cracked up laughing.

"Are you hungry?" Nate asked as he walked into the kitchen, wondering if he had any food.

"Yes! do you have waffles?" Alice said jumping to her feet and kicking the pile of cards.

"Well, no waffles, but I could make some pancakes, which are like waffles without the squares." Nate said.

"Pancakes? Well, I enjoy the squares, but pancakes will have to do," Alice said, and she wondered if she ever would get her waffles. It was already dark outside. Maybe tomorrow.

Pancakes in themselves are relatively easy to make, especially if you have the boxed batter. When making boxed pancakes the hardest part is deciding what to put in the pancakes. While some things, such as chips, or salsa, seem like a good idea at the time, they usually aren't. For tonight's pancakes they decided on chocolate chips.

They both sat down on the couch, turned the TV to old Saturday Night Live episodes, and ate their pancakes.

"Uhhhhh.... Light urple?" Nate and Alice echoed after the words came out of the TV. They both almost dropped their pancakes laughing.

It was getting late, the pancakes were gone and the cards strewn about the floor.

"Well, thanks, I had fun." said Alice.

"Sure, yeah, me too," Nate said and looked in Alice's eyes, only for a second.

She looked down shyly. "Well, I guess I should go back home, get some sleep."

Nate looked down. "Well drive safely, I'll call you."

"Bye," she said, and hugged Nate goodbye.

As Alice drove out of Nate's driveway Nate thought about her. He definitely loved her, they had been friends for a long time. He loved being with her, and it seemed she enjoyed her time with her. Nate thought long and hard, should he 'ask her out'? But, no, that seems to cliché. They are both happy now, would it be worth it to risk fucking everything up. Nate thought about this a lot, but nothing concrete ever came of it. In the end there is only one way to find out which is better for them.

Nate cleaned up the cards and went to sleep.

Maybe we never will find out, or maybe tomorrow. We may never know.



Copyright 2005 by Cultural Energy and each Teen Media Camp Creator


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